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Mrs./Mr. Board Member
Parham Administration Bldg.
2644 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401

Dear (replace with name)

I appreciate the opportunity to provide this letter to you and to discuss its contents.  I am the father of two children, ages 9 and 12.  My son and daughter are facing the possibility of being separated from their friends since kindergarten at Edgewater Elementary and Central Middle School if redistricted this spring.  We are taking a logical, data driven approach to the issue but as I’m sure you are sympathetic to, we are dealing with the stress and emotions of this as well.   

The potential redistricting of the Rt. 2 Corridor Community into the Annapolis Peninsula is not logical and does more harm than good for addressing county wide school utilization and capacity concerns.  Doing so will only worsen school overcrowding in the Annapolis Peninsula, especially Annapolis High School which is already projected to exceed its state rated student capacity during 2017.  The Annapolis and South River High school feeder systems should both address efficient utilization of capacity within their clusters. Focusing solely on the Annapolis Peninsula misses that opportunity for a more comprehensive, sustainable solution that minimizes harm and maximizes benefit for all constituents.  Redistricting the Rt. 2 Corridor into the Annapolis Peninsula:

  • Doesn’t solve elementary school utilization there and only increases the burden on middle and high school overcrowding.

  • Violates the 'adjacent school' principle to elementary school utilization in Annapolis vital to state funding for facility revitalization and new construction.

  • Increases class size at Title 1 schools, negatively impacting Annapolis students.

  • Increases congestion, traffic and road safety issues for the Rt. 2 Corridor and Annapolis.

  • Significantly disrupts families, children and the Edgewater community.

  • Will lead to more redistricting in the near future.

Due to these rational concerns, we oppose redistricting our children from the South River High school cluster and its feeder schools.  We understand and respect the Board of Education's obligation to address capacity concerns.  So as taxpaying constituents, we want full transparency and an understanding of the Board of Education and county’s long term plan and impact on all residents.  Using the data from the AACPS 2016 Education Facilities Master Plan (, it is clear that a solution exists for the Annapolis High School cluster that supports solving the utilization issue within its current geography.  This solution:

  • Adjusts elementary school utilization within the AHS feeder system.

  • Maintains ‘adjacent school’ approach and avoids risking state funding.

  • Mitigates disruption and keeps the families and students of the Rt. 2 Corridor in Edgewater.

  • Supports AACPS Redistricting Policy.    

In summary, we in the Rt. 2 Corridor Community are supportive of the formal process currently underway but want to ensure that our collective voice is heard, recognized and considered in the eventual solution.  The objective data, the Board’s Redistricting Policy and the current and future development in Annapolis all strongly favor a redistricting solution within the Annapolis High School cluster.  Capacity within the South River High School cluster exists for our children today and will be increased in the near future with the opening of Crofton High school.  We advise the Board of Education and Superintendent to take a long term and comprehensive view.  We’re confident they will reach the same conclusions we have and develop a reasonable solution for all the children and communities involved moving forward.  


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