Edgewater Elementary Parents Organize to Oppose Redistricting; Will Attend Board of Ed Meeting Weds. Oct. 19 “Edgewater Kids in Edgewater Schools”

EDGEWATER, MD – A group of concerned parents and community leaders has organized to make clear their opposition to the Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ (AACPS) consideration of potential redistricting of children north of the South River to the Annapolis cluster.

The group, called the Route 2 Corridor Redistricting Group, will attend the Board of Education Meeting on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. While the meeting starts at 10:00 am, members of the group will be present to demonstrate as early as 7:30am.

At issue is the letter sent by AACPS Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto to parents announcing consideration of a potential redistricting of the Annapolis Cluster.

In the letter, Superintendent Arlotto indicates the Anne Arundel County Schools Board of Education has directed this redistricting process to include “examination of communities that are located north of the South River that are currently assigned to attend Edgewater Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Central Middle School and South River High School.”

“The families in the Route 2 corridor have deep roots in the Edgewater Community,” said Edgewater resident and Edgewater Elementary parent Lane Dickson. “In the coming days, we will fight to ensure Board Members who may not be familiar with Edgewater understand redistricting’s negative impacts to our children and to our community.”

Superintendent Arlotto said a committee of two representatives from every impacted school will be formed to make a recommendation to him in early 2017. The schedule for meetings has not been set.

The Route 2 Corridor Redistricting Group includes concerned parents and representatives from each of the following Edgewater Communities: Gingerville, Wilelinor, Homeport, Wallace Manor, Gingerville Woods, Poplar Point East Rd. and others.

You can find the Route 2 Corridor Redistricting Group and other concerned Edgewater parents and residents on Twitter at @edgewaternow