Our Position:

We oppose redistricting our children from the South River High school cluster and its feeder schools.

We understand and respect the Board of Education's obligation to address capacity concerns.

As taxpaying constituents, we want transparency and an understanding of the Board of Education and county’s long term plan and impact on all residents.

The data supports solving the Annapolis Peninsula capacity and utilization issue within its current geography.

Our Solution:

Adjusts elementary school utilization within the AHS feeder system.

  • As can be seen, there is uneven utilization of elementary school capacity within the Annapolis Peninsula.
  • Adjacent elementary schools can be efficiently redistricted without the Rt. 2 Corridor Community, i.e. shifting from Germantown ES to Mills-Parole ES and Tyler Heights to Georgetown East ES.   
  • View the AACPS 2016 Education Facility Master Plan

Maintains ‘adjacent school’ approach and avoids risking loss of state funding.

  • At the Board of Education meeting on 10-19-2016, AACPS Chief Operating Officer Alex Szachnowicz cautioned that the Interagency Committee (for public school state funding) determines future funding decisions based on adjacent school utilization. (ADD video link?
  • Continued school renovation and construction in the Annapolis Peninsula is most effectively justified by keeping students closer to their neighborhood schools.   
  • Adding the Rt. 2 Corridor elementary school student population (which is not geographically adjacent) is contrary to this principal.

Mitigates disruption.

  • Keeps the families and students of the Rt. 2 Corridor in the Edgewater community.
  • Enables deep roots and support of community to continue; our involvement in athletic, spiritual and civic affairs is positively maintained. 
  • Avoids increasing traffic and congestion along Rt. 2 north of our community and into Annapolis proper. 
  • Facilitates a more comprehensive solution for future redistricting, if necessary.  

Supports AACPS Redistricting Policy.

Supports redistricting within the AHS cluster without impacting the South River High School feeder system (of which the Rt. 2 Corridor is a part). 

  •  'Maintaining feeder school patterns from elementary to middle and middle to high school to keep students from same communities together'. (Sec. 3.a.2.c.ix).
    • This reinforces the need to redistrict within current AHS and SRHS clusters, not between them.
  • 'Long-range enrollment and capacity needs'. (Sec. 3.a.2.c.ii)
    • The new Crofton high school opening in 2020 will significantly increase capacity for the South River High school cluster, supporting the continued inclusion of the Rt.2 Corridor in this feeder system.
  • 'Areas that are, as much as practical, made up of contiguous communities surrounding the school'. (Sec. 3.a.2.c.v)
    • The Rt. 2 Corridor community is more contiguous to Edgewater while separated from Annapolis by extensive commercial and industrial areas.
  • 'Minimizing the number of times any one student is re-assigned'. (Sec. 3.a.2.c.xi)
    • The Rt. 2 Corridor has already been impacted by redistricting in the past; furthermore if redistricted during the current cycle, it could face redistricting again in the future.   

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