About Us.

The Route 2 Corridor Community is comprised of the neighborhoods of Willeninor, Gingerville & Gingerville Woods, Poplar Point and Homeport, along with dozens of homes surrounding these neighborhoods.

We are a large and active voting block and very engaged with this issue. Together, we make up 500+ homes and families. 57 of our children attend Edgewater Elementary School, 34 at Central Middle School and 53 at South River High School.

The Rt.2 Corridor Committee

The Committee is an informal, but active group of about 10-12 constituents from Rt . 2 Corridor neighborhoods (HOA Presidents, PTA members, and members of the redistricting committee). We have been meeting weekly since October 2016.

Our Purpose:

  • Support the formal process by ensuring our collective voice is heard, recognized and considered in the eventual solution. 
  • Become the overall Subject Matter Experts so we can employ an objective, data driven approach to create a solution for the Superintendent/BOE.
  • Utilize the BOE’s policy on redistricting to support our position.
  • Demonstrate that efficient utilization can be accomplished within the AHS feeder for its elementary school students.
  • Exhibit that current and future development within AHS cluster will solve capacity issue without expensive and disruptive redistricting.  
  • Illustrate issues that redistricting the Rt. 2 Corridor will cause.
  • Demonstrate that capacity exists within SRHS cluster for us, especially considering the upcoming Crofton HS cluster impact.  

Our activities:

  • Hold weekly organizational meeting.
  • Attended multiple BOE meetings, public comments made, more to come.
  • Coordinated Capitol Gazette reporter interviews/photos, feature article in Sunday, 11/6/16 edition.
  • Put up Edgewater Kids in Edgewater Schools signs in front of neighborhoods.
  • Presented petition to BOE with 400+ community member signatures.
  • Sent multiple emails to/from BOE members. 
  • Set up website to build awareness and educate all parties involved.
  • Engaged with staff members of the County Executive Officer.
  • Requested and conducted Town Hall with Scott Schuler in November (Mr. Schuler is the Student Demographics and Planning Specialist, AACPS).
  • Will start to attend the public portion of the Redistricting Committee meetings and offer public testimony.  

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