The Problem.

The potential redistricting of the Rt. 2 Corridor Community into the Annapolis Peninsula will only worsen school overcrowding there, especially Annapolis High School.

The Annapolis and South River High school feeder systems should both address efficient utilization of capacity within their clusters. Focusing solely on the Annapolis Peninsula misses that opportunity for a more comprehensive, sustainable solution. 


Key issues with redistricting rt. 2 corridor into the Annapolis peninsula:

  • Doesn't help solve elementary school utilization on the Annapolis Peninsula; only increases burden on middle and high school overcrowding. 
  • Violates 'adjacent school' approach to elementary school utilization in Annapolis which is vital to state funding for facility revitalization and new construction. 
  • Increases class size for Title 1 schools and negatively impacts Annapolis students. 
  • Increases congestion, traffic and road safety issues for the Rt. 2 Corridor and Annapolis.
  • Significantly disrupts families, children and the Edgewater community.
  • Will lead to more redistricting in the near future (Annapolis High School already expected to exceed state rated capacity during 2017).

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