Redistricting Process

At the direction of the Anne Arundel County Public School's (AACPS) Board of Education, a committee of parents, community residents and school system officials will be formed to study possibilities to redistrict the Annapolis cluster to address overcrowding.

The Board of Education has directed this redistricting process to include “examination of communities that are located north of the South River that are currently assigned to attend Edgewater Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Central Middle School and South River High School.”

The redistricting committee will make a recommendation to AACPS Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto in January, 2017. Dr. Arlotto will forward his recommendations to the Board of Education. The Board will conduct public hearings on the plans before reaching a decision no later than April 30, 2017.

Concerns with redistricting of Edgewater Schools:

Edgewater parents and community leaders are concerned redistricting students living in Edgewater to attend schools in the Annapolis cluster will increase overcrowding at Annapolis schools, not relieve it. Moving these students will present an unnecessary hardship to all schools and students involved.  


What does the redistricting look like?

The Board of Education wants to address redistricting of schools in the Annapolis Cluster which includes Annapolis High School and its feeder schools: Annapolis Middle, Eastport Elementary, Georgetown East Elementary, Hillsmere Elementary, Tyler Heights Elementary, Bates Middle, Annapolis Elementary, Germantown Elementary, Mills-Parole Elementary, Rolling Knolls Elementary and West Annapolis Elementary.

In this effort, the Board of Education has included an examination of an area outside the Annapolis cluster currently home to Edgewater students attending Edgewater Elementary, Central Middle and South River High School.

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What is the BOE policy on redistricting? 

There are three primary criteria for redistricting. First, It must be reasonable. Second, it cannot be arbitrary, and third, it cannot be illegal.

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What are the key milestones for the process? 

There are several important dates in this process.

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