Get involved.

Help us engage the community, Board of Education and our elected officials to create a positive outcome for the Rt. 2 Corridor Community and our fellow Annapolis constituents. There are three key ways you can engage (but before you do, sign up here):


Need volunteers to coordinate attendance and advocacy at BOE meetings and county council meetings.

  • Remind community (1-2 weeks ahead of time) of upcoming meetings through FB post.
  • Get a rough gauge of who/how many will attend meeting. This is really important for having a sense for the critical meetings we want to have the most attendance/advocacy at.
  • Coordinate speakers (3-5) for meetings, primarily for BOE.
  • Sign up!


Need volunteers to plan and organize community rallies.

  • Select meetings where this will have the most effect and plan attendance.
  • Get community members to commit to these ahead of time and show up with signs and our message. If approached by BOE members (like Maria Sasso did at our last rally) they can simply read from the website on their phones. 
  • Sign up!


Need emails written to BOE members, Dr. Arlotto and elected officials.

  • Keep message consistent and responsible, VOLUME of these is key.
  • While ‘form’ letters start to look repetitive to these officials, having a disciplined message is important. Again, community members can refer to the content on the website and then be sure to personalize with their own circumstances and voice, i.e. I’m a father/mother of children attending…etc. For that matter, we should have some of our children write letters too, for those that are comfortable doing this.
  • Copy form email letter

- Please keep a copy of responses.  We will want to get a sense of 'trends'.